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5 Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party

5 Tips for Throwing the Best Birthday Party

5 Tips for Throwing the Best Birthday Party

Want to throw a birthday party for a child, friend, or special someone? Every great idea starts with a specific knowledge of the person being honored.

To assist you with matching the best idea to the perfect person, Pacific Coachways has put together the following list of birthday party tips. Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Focus on getting the location right.

There are tons of birthday party event spaces out there ranging from kid-friendly to nightlife. It’s important to point out when choosing one that not every location geared towards adults will necessarily be “right” for the adult in question.

Consider things like the person’s values and social preferences before locking down a location. Then, do some investigative work and look into the best Orange County birthday party locations to meet those needs. (Hint: Google is a great starting point, and we’ve already done the hard work for you.)

Tip 2: Be ‘time-friendly.’

Whether you are planning a party for kids or adults, make sure that you are considerate of the timing issue. With adults, you may not have to schedule the event during certain times of day, but children and parents are beholden to bedtimes and other obligations.

When sending out invites, do as Birthday in a Box suggests and “give the date and time of the party” with a “start time and an end time to avoid confusion.”

Tip 3: Don’t overbook.

Andy Warhol once said that “one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.” Truer words never spoken!

When you decide to throw a birthday party, make sure that you don’t overbook it. While it can feel good to the guest of honor seeing many people turn out to celebrate their big day, these types of events are much more memorable when guests have a chance to interact.

Consider narrowing the invite field to only the best friends and acquaintances of the person in question. Everyone will get more out of the experience that way.

Tip 4: Be inclusive.

If you really want to throw a great birthday party, make it your mission not just to get the right turnout, but to plan events that will resonate with everyone and get them interacting with one another.

If you need help getting started, refer to this list from earlier in 2015 from Icebreaker Ideas. Quite possibly the most comprehensive ever created!

Tip 5: Play it safe.

Safety is of the utmost importance for your birthday party, and that’s true before, during, and after the party is over. Particularly among adult parties where alcoholic beverages may play a role, it’s important that you ensure guests have a means of getting home safely and efficiently.

Too many times great parties have become great tragedies because of issues like drinking and driving.

Offering things like shuttle services to your guests will also send the message that you want them there and that you care about their comfort and well-being. If uncertain about the logistics, let Pacific Coachways guide you through the process today.

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