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Luxury Bus Vs. Charter Bus: Which Is A Better Choice?

Luxury Bus vs. Charter Bus: Which is a Better Choice?

In the business of providing Large Group Transportation, we are often asked the difference between a Charter Bus and one of our Luxury 50 Passenger Buses. – Also, which is a better choice. So, obviously, we make a living renting Buses, so it’s understandable that we would be biased one way; however there is no need to try and sell a service a customer can not benefit from.

When a group is trying to chose between renting a Charter Bus or Luxury Bus, here are some things to take into consideration:

1. Who Are You Transporting?

The type of group can have a lot of merit in your decision. 50 Children typically wouldn’t be an ideal group to have on a Luxury Bus, due to leather interiors and high-end features. However, a standard Charter Bus, which does come with TV’s and DVD players, can move a large number of people, and doesn’t offer expensive upholstery. Most Charter Buses are cloth interiors, which are a bit easier to clean, sew, and replace. Damages on any rented vehicle are the responsibility of the renter.

On the other hand, an office group of employees or a number of VIP clients might benefit from a more State-of-the-Art riding experience. It’s an obvious truth, in our experience, that Adults tend to have a greater respect for Luxury than kids.

2. Where Are You Traveling?

Both Charter Buses and Luxury Buses will get you to the destination of your choice. Both in the same amount of time, and both transporting approximately the same amount of people. But we have a few suggestions in helping you decide between the two.

Charter Buses are convenient when transporting across long distances or out of state. Charters are usually used for High School or College Sports Teams, Band Competitions, or Summer Camps.

Luxury Buses tend to be more appropriate when your destination is in state, and not considered long distance. Large Business Meetings, Wedding Parties, Office Sporting Events, Church Trips, Large Group Airport Shuttle, and Family Reunion Trips are just a few of the Premiere trips for using Luxury Bus.

3. Your Groups Needs

Are you trying to impress someone? A VIP client or an in-law? If you have a need to impress, then certainly check out a Luxury Bus from your transportation. These vehicles are build to transport in Style and in Class, with the comfort of a Town Car but the capabilities to hold the amounts of a Charter.

It’s good to compare what Luxury Coaches and Charter Buses have to offer to make a wise decision.

Most Luxury Coach Buses offer these amenities:

Ample amount of Flat Screen Televisions, so anyone can see
PA System for Tour Guides or Trip Announcements
In-Motion Satellite Television
DVD Players
Outstanding Surround Sound
Overhead Luggage Racks
Individual Mood Lighting / Reading Lights
Rear Audio Controls
Rear Luggage Area
Plush, Reclining Leather Seating
Armrests & Footrests
On-board Restrooms
Spacious Interior with Roomy Aisles
Climate Control

Most Charter Buses offer these amenities:

Reclining Seats with Cloth Interior
Built-In Footrests
DVD Player With Monitors
Individual Reading Lamps
Individual AC/Heating Vents
PA Systems
Dash Mounted AM/FM CD Player
On-board Restrooms

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