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School Districts Save Money When Outsourcing Transportation

School Districts Save Money When Outsourcing Transportation

Outsourcing school transportation has been successful in almost all cases where schools have partnered with private companies to provide student transportation. While maintaining control over transportation through contract stipulations, school administrators who convert to contracted transportation are able to redirect both energies and resources to their core function, education.

The reasons that districts consider contracted transportation vary, but often fall into one of the following categories:
The district fleet is aged, and funding is not available to upgrade it;
New equipment regulations and safety or environmental innovations make new buses desirable, but the district replacement schedule does not allow for rapid turnover of the fleet;
Transportation cost increases have outpaced funding;
Economies of scale are not always available and costs are out of line with similar districts;
System inefficiencies have resulted in overextended resources and scheduling difficulties;
Federal, state, or administrative changes and additional responsibilities (redistricting, addition of interdistrict magnet schools, parental choice prerogatives) challenge the system;
Administrative headaches (dealing with parents, employee absenteeism, drug and alcohol testing, mandated paperwork) require an inordinate share of administrators’ time and attention.
Transportation outsourcing can solve any and all of these problems. Pacific Coachways is certified for all pupil activity bus transportation with a single focus: to provide school bus services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible while maintaining the highest levels of safety and reliable service. Just as school districts are experts at providing education, Pacific Coachways are experts at providing safe bus transportation.

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