Pacific Coachways offers corporate charter services with a variety of vehicle choices for your comfort.

Sometimes it just makes sense to have a meeting away from the office. Perhaps, you will be discussing confidential information that you don’t want the entire team to hear—or maybe you think that a brainstorming session off-site will spur new ideas. From smaller, intimate coffee shops to outdoor spaces with lots of seating, our drivers will get you to a location that suits your meeting needs.

Our drivers are very knowledgeable about the various conference or venue spaces in the Southern California area. Your guests won’t have to waste time giving us directions to where they need to get to.

When people are traveling out of town to meet for business purposes, there might not be enough room in your corporate office conference room to seat all them. In some cases, going off-site may be your best bet.  When choosing a spot to host your corporate visitors, here are a few considerations: 1) assessment of Internet, devices and equipment that will be used; 2) popularity of the venue because you want it to be close to the airport and comfortable for your guests; and 3) flexible meeting spaces because you want to be able to tailor the space to work best for what will be discussed.

Our staff is very knowledgeable about the top places to dine out at in the Southern California areas. You won’t have to waste time figuring out the best spot to eat for your potential clientele or partners.

If you are entertaining guests or going to have a business meeting, sometimes a dine-out location sets the right mood. You want something that doesn’t pin-point you as being cheap, but also doesn’t break the bank. It might be a toss-up between the restaurant that serves your guests favorite meal and the one that has a variety of food for a larger group. Where you dine at can make or break the deal.

Your employees work hard and deserve to be appreciated. From team building events to employee appreciate day luncheons; our staff has recommendations for you. We have taken groups of people to company picnics, milestone celebrations, holiday parties, and community relations events. Sometimes it is just easier for everyone to hitch a ride in the same vehicle rather than try to figure out who is carpooling with whom. Make it easy for everyone involved to take part in these events.