Pacific Coachways is certified for all School Pupil Activity Bus services when it comes to our drivers, motorcoaches, and terminal. School activities that we typically transport for are field trips, sports events, band excursions, education camps, and senior trips / grad nights; however, this doesn’t mean we are limited to transporting for these school activities alone.

If you are planning a field trip for your students in Southern California, the San Diego Museum of Art, The Aquarium of the Pacific, Zoomar’s Petting Zoo, The Arboretum of Los Angeles County, Heritage Museum of Orange County, MUZEO, the Santa Ana Zoo, Discover Science Center, Environmental Nature Center, La Habra Children’s Museum – to name a few – are some great choices! The Pacific Coachways’ team actually wrote a blog post on the topic: “Best Places in Orange County, CA to Take Students for Field Trip,” so we suggest you give it a read! They don’t have to be limited to just school field trips; these are also great spots for a family fun weekend.

Whether you are into indoor or outdoor sports, we are used to transporting sports teams for game day transfers. Whether it is Little League or high school football, we are familiar with sports activities locations and fields throughout Southern California. Many of [our drivers] enjoy playing sports as well, and you can add to your experience with engaging conversation by requesting a driver who shares in your team’s interests. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our blog post: “Top 5 Places to Play Sports in Orange County, CA” to get an idea of where your team might want to play.

Whether you play classical music or music from film, we are used to transporting bands and orchestras for any practices or concerts they may have. Some popular locations to play throughout Southern California include churches, school theaters, San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Alex Theatre, and many civic or community centers.  Many of [our drivers] enjoy playing instruments or listening to music as well, and you can add to your experience with engaging conversation by requesting a driver who shares this love for music.

It doesn’t have to be spring or summer for youth to attend education camps, although those are the seasons when we generally see these types of transportation requests come in.  Explore the San Bernardino National Forest with C.O.D.E.S., join Pathfinder for the science and outdoor education program, attend California Science Center’s hands-on science camp, or perhaps just engage in a day program offered by SEACAMP in San Diego. There are lots of options for varying interests throughout Southern California. Let Pacific Coachways be the ones to get you off to a great start for your adventure!

As it nears springtime, Pacific Coachways gets more and more transportation requests for senior trips and grad nights. Let’s make it a night you will never forget starting with your choice of transportation. Theme parks like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, and Universal Studios seem to be big for celebrations of this rite of passage. Some schools have been known to rent halls, decorate themselves, and hire volunteers to host a party. There are definitely a lot of choices without having to leave the Southern California area.