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Greg Ford

Greg Ford | Pacific Coachways Southern California

Greg Ford joined Pacific Coachways in 2015 as Coach Operator/Driver. His favorite part of the job is knowing his weekend schedule by Friday afternoon each week and having such a short drive to work. “You want to be in a positive mood when you get work and if you are driving all day, you don’t want your commute into work to be long. I love that I work close to where I live, so I can continue my day with positivity as I drive our customers,” says Greg.

Greg would like potential customers to know safety is of the utmost importance to our team. “I want travelers to have confidence in our staff and know their experience will be an enjoyable one,” says Greg.

Having worked for other transportation companies, Greg thinks what differentiates Pacific Coachways is the cleanliness of their vehicles. “They are washed and cleaned every morning when I get in,” says Greg.

Greg looks forward to driving coaches cross country or state, since he is a fan of sports. He also hopes to move up in the company, possibly alongside his coworker Cooper.

In his off-hours, Greg likes boating, DJ’ing, baseball umpiring, and poker at his place. He also enjoys hanging out with his wife Janet, daughter Kara, and son Garrett.

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