There is no shortage of Los Angeles, CA wedding locations for you brides- and grooms-to-be out there. But while options are plentiful, you have to wrestle with finding the “right” location.

And the “right” location could truly be anywhere.

Here are some factors to consider when weighing Los Angeles wedding venues:

  • Proximity to popular locations
  • Traffic
  • Size of venue
  • Onsite services
  • Both natural and manmade aesthetics
  • Parking

The list goes on! To help narrow down the selection, here is a top five you should really give pause to consider.

No. 5: The Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock

The Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock, located at 2225 Colorado Boulevard, is a great spot you will find inside the 1914 Carnegie Library building.

It features high ceilings, Mission Revival interiors, and a surprisingly affordable 8-hour rental as far as wedding locations go. There is also onsite equipment rental if you want the convenience of all your needs in one place.

No. 4: The MacArthur

This special event spot and historical locale adds a bit of old world Los Angeles character to any wedding ceremony and reception. Built in 1925, the former hotel was once the poshest of the posh.

Now it is a haven for every type of event imaginable, but it holds special preference for wedding planners and participants thanks in part to its spacious ballroom elegance and its distinctive exterior design.

No. 3: The Omni

The Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza is a towering, gorgeous, and family-friendly hotel that is capable of accommodating overnight stays just as easily as its spacious meeting room does a wedding and reception.

During your stay, make the most of the outdoor pool and gourmet restaurant and bar. It is cozy, quiet, and chic — pretty much everything you would want in the backdrop of a wedding — with spa, onsite fitness center, and more.

No. 2: The First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

Of all Los Angeles, CA wedding locations, the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles — “where art meets the Spirit” — is the one that seems most architecturally designed to host a wedding ceremony.

Whether you are religious or just a fan of traditional design, the building at 540 S Commonwealth Avenue will tick just about every box on a wedding planner’s checklist.

  • Warm and inclusive
  • Enough space for bride and groom
  • Photo ops from virtually every angle
  • Friendly staff
  • Reception and performance space aplenty

Pretty much the only reason it is not ranked No. 1, is because the schedule is so jam-packed during the primary wedding season that it can be difficult to get the exact date that will work for you and all of your desired guests.

And the Top Los Angeles, CA Wedding Locations No. 1 Pick: The Dream Wedding & Banquet Hall

The Dream Wedding & Banquet Hall at 3255 Wilshire Boulevard is located in the heart of Los Angeles, so it provides myriad options for you and your guests when it comes to the wedding and the reception afterward.

The owners offer a number of services you can take advantage of including gorgeously tasteful flower arrangements, delectable food, reception planning and more.

Dream Wedding has done its best to give brides and grooms the perfect spot to celebrate their love without having to say goodbye to their budget in the process. That said, it is really best for couples, who hope to keep their guests to a minimum as the reception hall can only accommodate up to 80.

Perfect for more intimate gatherings!

One final note: wherever you end up choosing, make sure you do your homework before meeting with your wedding planner.

So which of these Los Angeles, CA wedding locations do you find the most appealing? Are there any worthy LA wedding venues that you would recommend adding to the list? Sound off in the comments section below.