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7 Los Angeles Halloween Group Events You Are Sure To Enjoy

7 Los Angeles Halloween Group Events You Are Sure to Enjoy

Wondering what to do for Los Angeles Halloween group events this year? Halloween is approaching, so get a group together and enjoy one or all of these Los Angeles Halloween group activities to get in the spirit.

  1. With kid friendly rides and a hayride through Griffith Park for the teens, this is a great family-fun option. Want to find out if it is worth it, read reviews here and visit the official website here. The Haunted Hayride is an attraction that comes around every year around this time, but they usually make slight adjustments every year. So, if it has been awhile since you have taken part, it might be time to go again!

  2. Are you a movie buff or film industry professional? Maybe you and your coworkers would be interested in joining the Rooftop Film Club for an outdoor movie screening on the Montalban rooftop. You will typically get at least one scary movie in the mix around Halloween time. It is rare that it rains in Los Angeles, even in October — so there is usually no worry of bad weather up on the rooftop and you get a pretty view from up top.

  3. Every year, Danny Elfman comes out for the Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas Live”. For those who don’t know, he actually played Jack Skellington in the movie! You might even see some of the other original cast members. If you are a fan of Elfman’s, Burton’s, the movie, or maybe just want a night out of fun with friends, purchase your tickets for any of these days: October 28th-30th.

  4. There are lots of Zombie Walks going on during this time of year, but one of the best ones is the Long Beach Zombie Fest. Join for the annual outbreak at Rainbow Lagoon Park for three days. Halloween is just one night, which means only one night to wear your costume — but if you choose to do the Zombie Walk, that is three days of dressing up as a Zombie. Extend your costume wearing days by visiting the official website and getting ready for the Fest.

  5. You can’t be in Los Angeles during the month of October and not go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. This year, they have clowns, The Walking Dead, The Purge, Halloween, Freddy vs. Jason, American Horror Story, The Exorcist, and the Jabbawockeez. Some attractions stay the same year after year, but there are some new additions. This is probably one of Los Angeles’ best Halloween group events going on and is worth attending year after year.

  6. Dark Harbor on the Queen Mary is great for a group of teenagers looking for something they don’t have to do with their parents. Maybe your kids are still too young to take advantage of some of the Los Angeles Halloween parties serving alcohol and they are too old to do the same old activities they have done for years. Dark Harbor is pretty affordable and has lots of security around to offer a safe alternative for your teen(s) and some of their friends for an evening out of fun.

  7. Although they are held throughout the whole year and not just for Halloween, Escape Room L.A. may offer just the scare and thrill you are looking for this month. Choose from a series of themes and rooms with new puzzles to be solved, including The Alchemist, The Theatre, The Detective, and The Cavern. It definitely takes a team to solve all the clues and get out of the room before time runs out. Are you up for the challenge?

Wrap Up on Los Angeles Halloween Group Events and Activities

It’s time for mazes, monsters, haunted houses and costumes. Whether you are looking for Los Angeles Halloween group events for the family, teens, kids, or yourself and some friends, Pacific Coachways has got you covered!

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