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5 Irvine, CA Group Activities To Do This Fall

5 Irvine, CA Group Activities to Do This Fall

Looking for the best in Irvine, CA group activities? Pacific Coachways has rounded up some great Fall activities that you will not want to miss.

Irvine, CA Group Activities -Top 5 List

  1. Holiday Faire. The Holiday Faire is back in Irvine on November 4th and 5th with more than 150 vendors displaying arts and crafts, hand-blown glass, ceramics, jewelry, folk crafts, porcelain ,dolls, clothing, and holiday decor. It’s a very family friendly event held at the Irvine Fine Arts Center at 14321 Yale Avenue.
  2. The Ride 7D. With Halloween coming up, get in the spirit with The Ride 7D, immersive motion ride experience at 744 Spectrum Center Drive. It is like mixing a rollercoaster with a laser blasting game along with some spooky elements. If you thought you had to go to Disneyland to get the thrill, think again!
  3. Frankenstein. On October 30th, get a group of friends together to watch the encore broadcast of the National Theatre in London’s Frankenstein, playing at the Irvine Barclay Theatre at 4242 Campus Drive. Escape for an evening at the theater!
  4. Bavarian Beer Flights. The Oktoberfest celebrations aren’t over yet! Bavarian Beer Flights at EATS Kitchen & Bar at 17900 Jamboree Road is a must-attend. If you are beer lover and want to try four Fall-inspired beer choices for just $10, now is the time!
  5. Irvine Improv. Are you a comedy junkie? The Irvine Improv at Irvine Spectrum has a really great line-up for the fall to include Steve Byrne, David Alan Grier, and Russell Peters. Get a group of comedy lovers together and RSVP for a comedy night full of drinks and laughs. With all the activities going on for kids related to the holidays, it is good for the parents to get out for a bit and half some adult fun.

Irvine, CA Group Activities – Planning Tips

Irvine, CA group activities don’t have to be stressful to plan. The Pacific Coachways team has put together five tips to accompany our five suggestions above.

  1. Plan early. For the Irvine activities you anticipate being the most popular, make sure to RSVP for these first and foremost. Some event spaces have limited seating and you want to make sure everyone in your group blocks out that day for the activity.
  2. Don’t overbook. If you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, you might be too stressed to actually enjoy the activities you are doing. One way to take some of the stress out of the equation is to let Pacific Coachways handle transportation to and from the events, so that you don’t have to worry about directions, parking and numerous other logistic factors.
  3. Embrace the theme. If you are engaging in an activity that is Thanksgiving related, have the entire day be Thanksgiving related from the food you eat to any other activities you partake in. It is just that much more fun when you feel engrossed in the subject matter.
  4. Use your time wisely. Some activities may have a long wait and kids can get impatient. If you take turns holding spots in line, each person feels the wait is less and gets to engage in other activities at some point during the overall line wait.
  5. The more the merrier. It can be hard to make time to meet with all your friends and family members separately. If you find an event that several people can enjoy, you can help get in that quality time with the people you care about, without anyone feeling left out.

What do you think of the Fall Irvine, CA group activities we suggested? Are there any others you would add to the list? We love hearing your feedback!

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