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Long Beach Group Networking Meet-Up: 5 Places To Go

Long Beach Group Networking Meet-Up: 5 Places to Go

If you are looking for places to schedule a Long Beach group networking meet-up, there are several factors to consider:

  1. The maximum amount of attendees you are allowing
  2. The type of event or purpose of the function
  3. Your budget for the event space
  4. What additional features do you need (e.g. wi-fi, food, etc.)

Spaces for a Long Beach Group Networking Meet-Up

Here are 5 event spaces that are great for a Long Beach group networking meet-up.

The Grand Long Beach at 4101 E. Willow Street.

This place has a 4-star review on Yelp and it is easy to see why. For those who are tired of inviting groups to stuffy conference rooms with assembly seating, this space provides features like a dedicated event professional, customized menus, audio visual equipment, and complimentary onsite parking. What can be really helpful, especially if you are in a bind for time, is having turnkey packages including rentals, furniture, and lighting and decor. Visit their website to learn more about this space.

DI Studios at 1530 E. Wardlow Road, Suite B.

If you are looking for a spot that is trendy, hip and more casual than networking over fine dining, DI Studios is a great option. This is also a good spot if you have any visuals you will be presenting during the Long Beach group networking meet-up. Their basic rental includes a 60” TV, laptops, Blu Ray, Satellite TV, and Apple Airplay. For those in the tech industry, you want to make sure your space is reflective of the networking event theme — and this definitely hits the mark. Going for a more premium package gives you workstations, a 110” screen and sound system. Talk about mixing business with a good time!

Hyatt Regency at 200 South Pine Ave.

If you plan on potentially having people from out of town come to your Long Beach group networking meet-up, you will want to make sure it is convenient to get transportation to the event space from local hotels. You’re in luck, because Hyatt Regency has their own event space, so attendees can stay in the very same building where the event is held. If you want to put a little more effort into decor of the space for your networking event, the Hyatt Regency will work with you on an initial concept and design to match your vision. This definitely is a good option for those who plan on holding a larger meet-up as the event space is over 35,000 square feet.

El Dorado Park Golf Course at 2400 Studebaker Road.

If you are looking for an outdoor space for a Long Beach group networking meet-up, the El Dorado Park Golf Course might be a good option. With the tented pavilion and full-service restaurant available for attendees, why not take advantage of the beautiful weather in Southern California. The space is 4,000 square feet and can fit up to 350 attendees, so a fairly decent sized meetup can be hosted. If the goal of the networking event is to secure additional business, it never hurts to have some good conversation over a game of golf.

Tracy’s Bar and Grill at 5511 E. Spring Street.

If you don’t want to go through too much hassle with setting up a networking event and don’t have a set list of attendees you would like to come, a sports bar or grill may be more your style. Keep in mind that bars can get noisy — so if the aim is to actually make business deals and meet potential partners, it might not be the best choice for a Long Beach group networking meet-ups. That being said, it is great for those who just want to come together over a common interest. With LCD TV’s playing major sports games, pool tables, and affordable food choices, Tracy’s Bar and Grill is great for networking events for all ages.

Wrap Up on Spaces for a Long Beach Group Networking Meet-Up

If you don’t have time to host your own event, you can always ask to take part in another networking event that is already taking place. At and, you can view and RSVP for different events going on in your area. Long Beach, CA is bound to have something to your liking.

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