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Donna Hernandez

Donna Hernandez | Pacific Coachways Southern California

Donna Hernandez has been with Pacific Coachways as Coach Operator/Driver for almost 10 years. Her favorite part is meeting so many different people while driving around. She also enjoys that all of her coworkers are more than just that; they are friends.

Donna wants to impart to potential travelers know that Pacific Coachways will go all out to make sure your trip will be a good one. “From keeping our equipment clean and in good order, to a friendly smile and safe travel to destinations by trained drivers, we’ve got it covered,” says Donna.

Donna believes what differentiates Pacific Coachways is the many services offered. “It is a small enough company where we seek to connect with everyone we meet and provide a really personalized experience, but we don’t sacrifice quality. We care about your trips and the people who charter them,” says Donna.

Donna looks forward to continually meeting and treating each customer as a valued guest and part of the Pacific Coachways family.

In her off-hours, Donna likes spending time with her three children and four adorable granddaughters. She enjoys gardening, outdoor markets, sports, long walks on the beach and at parks.

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