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Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez | Pacific Coachways California

Salvador Rodriguez has been working at Pacific Coachways for almost 5 years as Coach Operator/Driver. His favorite part of the job is working with people who are like family to him. Salvador states, “It makes all the difference when you know you can count on your team members. Part of providing a  good experience means that every person taking part in the experience has to do their part.”

Salvador would like to impart to potential travelers that until they travel with Pacific Coachways, they are missing out. “Your first trip, you will see the difference between what we do and what other bus rental companies do,” says Salvador. 

Salvador believes the personalized experience each driver gives their customers is unique and exceptional. He looks forward to continuing to work hard at making those positive differences between Pacific Coachways and their competition more apparent. 

On his off-hours, Salvador loves spending time with his family, hiking, and engaging in outdoor sports.

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